November is a big month for us in the Matthews household! We have much to celebrate and be thankful for and today is no exception. I am so thankful to be celebrating 4 years of marriage to the man I love, Nick. There is no way we could have foreseen everything that has transpired over the years, but believe me when I say it has all been worth it. Our marriage is stronger because of what we have endured together.

Folks always say the first year of marriage is the hardest. Well, I disagree with that statement. Looking back, I would not want to re-experience a lot of the adjustments we had to make, but for us it is all about a positive mindset and how to move forward. Every year will have its challenges. We have the Lord as our foundation and because our marriage is built on The Rock we choose to learn and grow from trials, instead of letting the trials divide us and weigh us down. We look forward to each year being better and better and our relationship and friendship becoming deeper and stronger. I look back on our wedding day and see just how much hope and promise I saw in our future. It makes me smile because the hope and promise I saw then, is still there now.

Here’s to 4 great years of marriage with my best friend, father to my children, life long partner, and my unfailing cheerleader. I love you.

Memories from that special day  11-10-12


*I do and you do too*


*We did it!*


*Pure joy to be forever yours*


*Take me away into the sunset*


*You are my serenity*


*Mr. & Mrs. Matthews*


*Just the beginning of our journey*



**Photo credit goes to the fabulous Lauren Jackson Photography out of Charlotte, NC**