I am so excited the Freeman Homeschool Room is the first post in the Interiors section of the blog! This family has been so wonderful to work with and the final result turned out even better than what I envisioned! I am so excited to share this with you.

Nick and I met the Freeman family through our church. Eric is one of our Pastors and Amanda, a former teacher, now stays home with their two girls, Amelia and Edith. It took several years for the four of us to really get to know each other, but once it finally happened, an instant friendship formed. This Fall, Amanda is going to start teaching the girls at home. Eric and Amanda asked me to design and update their future homeschool room and I absolutely said yes! I was honored to take on this special project.

Amanda also blogs. She provides so much encouragement through her words and I love reading her posts!

Meet The Freeman’s! freeman_069Photo Credit: Alexa’s Photography

The Freeman’s house has such a cool history to it. Back in the 80’s, a father built this home for his daughter. At the time he had it outfitted with all of the best and it still carries all of the charm and love he built into it. One of the gems of this home is the reclaimed wood. Beautiful beams, quality hardwood floors, and solid wood walls define their home and give it so much character. All of these features were built in before reclaimed wood even came into style! Since the Freeman’s bought their home several years ago they have updated several areas, by knocking down walls, updating lighting and flooring, painting, and gutting and renovating the kitchen. It is absolutely beautiful and a labor of love, considering Eric did 99% of the renovations!

When Eric and Amanda showed me the space they wanted to use for their homeschool room, I was so excited! It was an unused, blank space just waiting to be designed and given a purpose.

Here is the blank canvas…


Amanda had a lot of needs for this space. Some of which included, updating the lighting, smoothing out textured walls, painting, incorporating a learning space for the girls, as well as a family reading space that doubled as an extra bed for guests. I had so much fun pulling all of her needs together, as well as working with such a charming color palette! Eric did the majority of the electrical work and Nick dove right in using his carpentry skills to create a daybed with cubbies, desk shelving, a window awning, and palette bookcases. He did such an amazing job!

For each space I design, I pray over it and ask the Lord to give me a fruit of the spirit to incorporate into the design. The word He gave me for this room, JOY.  Psalm 118:24 instantly came to mind and it’s a verse that many of us are familiar with, “This is the day the Lord has made; We will re(JOY)ce and be glad in it!” I knew I wanted this verse to be the focal point of the room and for it to be a beautifully displayed piece of art. I enlisted the help of a sweet friend to the family and myself, Amelia Yarbrough. She is such a gifted calligraphist. She took on the challenge of hand painting Psalm 118:24 on a massive 2′ x 4′ canvas. The end result is breathtaking and Eric and Amanda were in awe when they saw it.

So without further ado, here is the Freeman Homeschool Room…


I love looking back at the JOY on their faces while taking it all in!

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I am so looking forward to seeing all of the new memories this family makes in this space. It really touched my heart to be able to be a part of this project. Wishing you all many, many years of learning, fun, and JOY in your new Homeschool Room!