Today is the start of Ethan’s very first birthday month! We are so excited to celebrate this little dude. I cannot wait to share his birth story closer to his birthday too 🙂 This weekend we got a sneak peek of his 1 year photos. We went to this sweet little farm tucked away in Kernersville, NC, Eaton Farms. There’s a beautiful barn that housed lots of already picked pumpkins and there is an awesome corn maze off in the distance. Not only did we have his pictures taken, but we came home with an awesome pumpkin selection too! During our session we worked with the amazing photographer, Danielle Flake. She has photographed our family for the last year and has gifted us with treasured and countless memories.

As any mother knows, the day in and day out of motherhood is tough, but when I look at the still memories I realize the moments are fleeting. As a mom, I need to do a better job of being present because tomorrow isn’t promised. I always wondered if I’d be a good mother. I enjoyed watching other people’s children. Goodness, I was a nanny all through college and watched my sisters three little ones whenever I could, even all the way through my pregnancy with Ethan. I was a sight to see walking around Target with a 10, 7, and 1 year old while super pregnant! Oh the looks lol! These itsy bitisies have a special place in my heart. The thing about other peoples children though, I could invest for several hours, have fun, wear them and myself out, send them home, and kick my feet up! Not the case with my own child. It is a 24/7 career and there are times when it feels like some of those 24 hours are overtime. As previously mentioned, I was just never sure if I’d ever be good at motherhood. I’m still not sure and I’m a year in! Thankfully, there is grace. Just as God extends it to me, I need to extend it to myself. As a mom that’s difficult. Parents only have 18 years to shape these little humans into grown people who will follow Jesus, have a God-centered moral compass, and create adults who will contribute to society in a positive way. That’s a heavy responsibility. Just today my Pastor spoke on Psalm 126:1-6 where the Israelites spent many, many years sewing through tears to one day reap a harvest in the younger generation. I have shed many tears during this last year. Some of joy, but most from being tired and frustrated. It’s been a year of transition for sure. However, I know I’ll reap what I put in, which makes these long days seem all the more important.

What I treasure most is that just a year in and these pictures of Ethan and I show me my little boy loves me. He knows my face, my voice, and lights up when he sees me. It melts my heart and there are no words for how rewarding being a mom truly is! There were more tears looking through these photos because I realize what I have sewn in 1 year is already showing a return. It’s an ongoing investment that I’ll keep making with dedication, love, all the while praying for a whole lot of grace.

There are some fantastic family shots and solo shots of Ethan that I will share later. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page and follow me on my social media sites to see when additional photos are shared. You can also subscribe to my blog and receive updates on new posts. Just scroll until you see ‘Follow Blog Via Email’ then click, type your email in the box, and voila!

Until next time!