Groundbreaking – breaking new ground, innovative, pioneering – fresh, advanced, important, and noteworthy.

I am so very proud of my hubby, Nick. Today we had a groundbreaking ceremony for our new Chick-fil-A opening in March 2018!! This has been a long time dream for the both of us and it’s finally happening. I stood beside the man who has been patiently waiting and diligently working for this opportunity. His goals and ambitions were all publicly realized as we were surrounded by family and friends for this special event.

In order to appreciate how far he has come, you have to know where he started. In 2004, Nick began his journey with Chick-fil-A as a cashier in Boone, NC, where he was a student at Appalachian State University. His operator poured into him and Nick just loved the overall culture of Chick-fil-A. Dan Cathy says it best, “We are in the people business, we just happen to serve chicken.”

After Nick graduated from college in 2007, he tried out his finance degree in the finance arena for 6 months. He quickly realized it was not the career for him. He took a huge pay cut and began working for a local Operator as a manager in his hometown of Greensboro, NC. During his several years as manager, Nick invested his time in making sure he learned everything he could about how to lead people well, how to have influence, and the ins and outs of all things Chick-fil-A.

In 2011, he pursued a program within Chick-fil-A that would allow him the opportunity to become an Interim Manager for stores that no longer had Operators. The first time he pursued this program he was turned down, but that didn’t stop him! He asked for feedback, took it, and ran with it. Second time he interviewed, he was accepted and this new journey within Chick-fil-A began.

He spent 3 weeks in Atlanta training. The cool thing is that he had no idea where he would be going in the U.S. Definitely an exciting time for a single man with all of this opportunity in front of him! (Nick and I had only recently met before he moved to Atlanta and were not dating yet. I was happy for him and this new opportunity!) Little did Nick know he would end up back home in Greensboro for his first assignment at the Chick-fil-A at Four Seasons Town Centre. He was there only a couple of weeks before expressing interest in becoming the Operator at this location. After many, many months of grueling interviews and impromptu store visits by corporate folks, he was selected as the Operator at this location. He officially became a franchisee with Chick-fil-A on March 1st, 2012. (By this time we were dating and were engaged on March 4th, 2012. It was an exciting few days for us!) There is such a spectacular group of people Nick has had the privilege to work with and mentor during this season at Four Seasons Town Centre. We are so blessed to see the seeds he’s sewn for the last 6 years begin to reap a harvest.

Our official transition date to the Four Seasons FSR (Free Standing Restaurant) is March 1st, 2018. 6 years to the day since he first became an Operator. My heart is so filled with joy, pride, love, and awe, seeing the man I love step further into a reality he has worked so hard to achieve. He loves me, Ethan, his family, friends, our church, and our employees with all he has and we all see it and feel it. So here’s to cheering you on for many more years love, because I know whatever you put your mind and heart into, you will succeed!

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