Hi y’all! Thank you for stopping by. Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Tiffany. A southern girl, who is daughter to the King, wife to a loving husband, Nick, and momma to my sweet little boy, Ethan. My kingdom purpose is to use my creativity and drive to teach and encourage others to live in their own beauty through harmony, joy, and peace.

My passion in life revolves around my faith, family, & home. Daily, I am reflecting on the ins and outs of these three things. My Savior and Creator is constantly speaking to my heart and challenging me to love, give, and let go. I am so thankful to be a part of a large, loud, and loving family. They are supportive, a sounding board, and a safe place. I prayed for a husband like Nick, and thank you Jesus He heard me, because I knew it would take a special man to love all of me!! My home is filled with laughter, lots of love, peace, and it’s a place of rest. And boy, oh boy, there isn’t a house I haven’t met where I instantly start imagining redesigning and renovating! It’s too much fun not to 🙂

This is my life! I hope you come along side me on my journey that is relevant, real, and fun.

Photo Credit to http://danielleflakephotography.pixieset.com